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Name:Nike Crawford-Marine
Birthdate:Aug 5
.nike crawford-marine
all eyes on me
in the center of the ring
just like a circus


Nike is an arrogant brat, first and foremost. She'll say whatever comes to her mind and doesn't care if it hurts feelings. Generally, she's looking for a reaction. She's self-absorbed and egotistical, snarky and a showman. Her mouth tends to get her in trouble, but she generally does not care. She's not exactly a flirt, but she doesn't shy away from scenarios which most people know to avoid. She'll play mental chicken with most anyone she meets, whether they want to or not. All that said, she's deeply insecure. She doesn't know exactly what her place in this world is and is constantly caught between the desire to fit in or stick out. This entire act is something she's constructed over the years to try and get herself attention, and while it does get her attention, generally people don't stick around in the way she needs. She's slowly letting herself become more sincere, however she'll quickly revert back to default if she gets spooked by an interaction.

She's a quick learner, but also extremely lazy. She wants to find the easiest way to do things and doesn't care if the results are messy. She's only aided by the fact that she's a great observer and pays attention to people and her surroundings constantly.

She generally keeps people at a distance, she's let too many people down, hurt too many more to want to risk any more damage. She's more than willing to disappear out of someone's life if she decides they've "gotten too close to her".


Born in small town California as the youngest of all her siblings. She led a relatively normal life until she was 14 and was offered the position of Queen to a country of wizards, Clandestin. Obvious to anyone but herself that this was just a political ploy to use an easily influenced and immature teenager to their advantage. She didn't listen and took the position. This decision ended in disaster for Nike. Alienating her from people and cause much more mental trauma then the position was worth. She's at a turning point in history, and she must decide if she wants to try and take a part of it, or run away permanently.

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